When it all looks so final
totally banal
and the canal looks like a nice place to sleep
so cool and so deep
and it would keep you forever wrapped in its water
caught up
in a green swirl of a dream amidst the pike,carp and bream
that would nuzzle your nose
and pick at your toes
blowing bubbles
your troubles are but drizzle on the breeze
here and there gone tomorrow.

You don’t get to see sorrow until you’ve been through the mill
paid the dues and wanted to kill yourself at least twice a week
and leaked blood from your eyes
when you’ve seen her out with several better looking guys
when you’ve prised off the top of your head and in bed when you can’t even sleep.
the canal does look so cool and so deep.
I keep a canal in my heart
it’s been broken and I don’t want to start looking for another place to sleep
so I keep and will keep it
bit by bit
it will drain away
and another day will begin.

Just another day to watch him and see her
and see that grin on his face.
but I’ll show him how to grin in a deeper place
somewhere off the beaten track
he won’t be coming back
but I will.



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