Putting the brakes on

Pale blue

baleful too
and the day begins
grins at me from behind the sky
I arise
wash the sleep
and my eyes
sorrowful too
and I grin from behind the mask
all I ask is all there
glaring at times
and at times
daring me to break away
the day reins me in
from behind the sky comes another grin
a guffaw
and then more than my ears care to hear.

Fear the day
fear the way it captures the heart and wants you to live
carry a shiv
stab at it
grab at its glory
make a story from the fear that would trap you
wrap it round your little finger
suck on it and let its sweet taste linger
but fear the day just the same as it plays its frames about the screen that is your eyes
pale blue
behind the sky
we die just enough to enjoy and it’s tough
to live
and then say,
‘give me more are you waiting for an invitation
do you want each day to change and for every situation
to halt and arrange a moratorium?’

The crematorium will burn just as well
whether we’re going to Heaven or bound in chains and heading for hell
this soul would do well to remember and write this in his journal.
The infernal cacophony of philosophy does me no good
I am the tree that cannot see but locked in a wooden embrace
with a wooden face
and behind the sky grins
at my wonderings
and I,
place my hopes on a tomorrow that does not come.
For some it seems
those that live and die in dreams
is a shadow in the waking of the day which in a way is what I see
but what I see is not what I get
the day reins me in and once again I forget the story line
in time
I will
forget it all.


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