Embarkation code

At times it is hard to sail on
when the sirens sing songs to me
and the depths of the dark blue sea
call out to me.
In the fearing there is wonder
and I wonder
how come?
where was it written in the heat of the Sun that my Kingdom will come
in the fathomless deep?
Would I sleep my eternity in this, the fraternity of pirates and slaves
whatever happened to Jesus saves?

The sirens sing sweet things that bring me to endings
and the doldrums are here
pending a sharp wind and rescinding previous posts
I host one more party to start me on my way
to slip into and down through the beckoning spray
and when the waters close over and cover 
will I then live to discover a meaning to all this
will the bliss that I have in mind be the bliss I will find
or will I disperse
in the teasing of tides that would ride out my bones across waves into more temperate zones.

The sirens fall silent and the night starts to sing
I bring up my collar and call to the Moon,
so soon
so soon and the sky goes to sleep
in the deep someone’s calling
and I have to stop falling 
I keep my mind still and in the stillness
I will
find my bearings and compass point
and that is the point
to read the map
to find a route 
to sail one’s ship
to not let go
to not let slip.

I should rip apart this sadness,madness
but what else would I be
could it be this is the one and only
long and lonely trip
we all must take?
before I break apart
I will start to stop again
pick up the pieces that lie in pain
and hoist the sails
put up the mast and hide from the rains
and in the distance in darkness
the sirens begin.


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