Another time

Each and every kiss you gave will go with me unto my grave
and I shall taste them one by one
until all time has passed and gone
and when we stand linked hand to hand
on that far off distant shore
I’l want to kiss you more and more.

But that’s not here and not very near
so we’ll have time for more than this
and a kiss is but a kiss but to love is something else,
indeed, it fans the flames and builds the fire
as we sink lower 
yet getting higher and then the burst of light
in sight of shangri la la la and let’s do another kiss
in case I missed the messages that pass between two tongues that overlap
and that just wouldn’t do for me
for you as well as anything we never knew
and yet we would forever be (in my opinion) in
an elongated stretched out on the bed linen kind of ecstasy.

Dreamer I may be but I know you’ll dream along with me
and watch the stars at night
wrapped up warm and tight within
these limbs that drape so languidly
and shall we wrangle
about on which side we’re going to sleep
are we ever going to sleep?

You keep we wide awake with promises and I should take another kiss
before I close my eyes
but I would not miss your eyes at all for in my sleeping they would call me
once again and lure me to your lips.

I wake
rewarded by the look of sunlight swept across your face
and watch the rising of your breasts and while making tea on the two ring stove
my fantasy would rove but the whistle on the kettle sings
brings a sore reality
you go back at five past three to catch a train to Daventry
and I will wait
upon the distant shore
to kiss you more and more and more until the end of time.


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