Stage direction

Someone spoke to me of a disconnect
and I recall or recollect
a moment in another time
when fast of mind
I paid no heed nor had a need
of anyone
a disconnected one?

I’m not sure and that’s no surprise
can’t see myself through my own two eyes
but that too is quite alright
if you live in the night what can you expect
but to become and be asked are you

So the answer
I cannot tell you,
who could 
who would willingly be as disconnected as the disconnect in me
and what if anything would they see?

I do wonder though how could you tell
or how could one know
just where a disconnect would go
to get plugged in to start,begin
to reselect the connection
to reach perfection?

Someone should tell me
I want to know
get myself undisconnected
and though not quite perfected
I am a work in 


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