Questions on the answer page

I am several more times more than then
and ten tenths more than most men you’ll meet
but I can’t meet you in the day
because you’ll take my breath away and leave me wondering if I am,ten tenths more than any other man, why can’t I
look you in the eye and say
I love you more and more than any other day that I’ve walked through and again I wonder do you
understand how
fallen,shallow is the man who stands before unable to raise his hand to knock at your door.
did you dream of me and if you did why was it that I could not see that what you saw
once more I try to knock upon your door
and if I am the cancer would you answer 
yes or no?

Toe to toe and cheek to cheek
if you would seek the truth of me
open up your eyes,deep brown and see
In my humility
I am that familiarity that you would yearn,
turn away
look into the brightness of another day
and tell me,say
go away.
you’re not welcome here
I fear you do not trust your tongue or words of yours that would run unchecked and free
look at me
tell and feel just what you see
just be.


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