Highland fling

In my dream I was again twenty four
out on the town and doing much more than ever before
and doing it very well,I might add.
Am I bad or what?

You really do not have a clue
as to things I dream of things I do and that’s all good
I don’t think that you, would like me as much or as well
if you stepped off the safety and dropped into the hell I inhabit.

But tit for tat if ya want some o’ that
you’ve got to be a delinquent
a teenage,old age tearaway,
a dream a day keeps reality away
and an apple in bed is better than a bullet in the head
or a ‘Glasgow kiss’

How I miss those mad fights in back alley nights when the sun went off and disappeared
knocking out teeth and biting off ears and howling in rage when taken off to Barlinnie
and locked into a cage,
and then rehabilitation into a suitable product to be let out into an unsuspecting,unproductive,stuck up,shut the feck up,keep your head down half drunk nation of halfwits and half promised promises,the premse of which is we’ll give you employment and if you’re looking for fun or enjoyment you’ll have to look further afield than the field where your tent is and how contented you’ll be.

You’ll see the future before you, before we then whore you, out to high street agents who work on commissions from her majesty’s prisons.
You’ll hardly have time
to do any more time for you won’t commit any more crime you’ll be fixed up,mixed up with cocktails of hormones and shot full of honesty to be as honest as any one free,
and what will it mean when you’re not mean any more?
open a door for a lady,well maybe
or smile at a baby.well maybe
give up your seat on the bus or the train and to make sure that you paid you will pay once again for a ticket you don’t need.no more drugs,no more weed so you count the rosary beads and you’ll wonder how wonderful everything can be.
can you see it all unfold as your bright future is told in case conferences and committees and everyone pities the lamb back in the pen
where the wolves and their teeth have injected a sense of morality,belief in your veins and you won’t play any more games with dodgy credit cards or slip over back fences through unguarded entrances and make any appearances in courtrooms before magistrates who in any case are full of frustrations that they can’t sentence everyone to death like they did in the old days
Oh yes
we’ll change your ways and you won’t recognise even though with your eyes you will see
what we
can do
when we shoot you
full of chemical


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