Something lost

When it was far away from everywhere

and we were there together
watching Mallards
skipping across the ripples of the lake.
I took your hand in mine and gently kissed your cheek
which was dimpled by the morning Sun and you
told me that it could always be like this time
and every time I am far away
I think back to that day and did those Mallards fly away too?

After what seemed forever,far away
I answered
like we were in a play,
‘My Dearest beloved, I shall surely love you for always’
but always is far away too
and like forever that never came true
but the memory holds fast and what is,is what’s cast upon the waters where the Mallards you
think back to then
when at the end of faraway, in that summer morning that seems so near today,I kissed you tenderly,
are you the same as me when it comes to memory and you can’t let go
does time still last for you
like the time that flew
far away?


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