Climbing walls

being the weakest link makes me think I’ll stay awake
but staying awake is not much fun unless of course you’re with someone
who stays awake with you.

Insufficient funds.

I do not close my eyes for fear, I’ll miss a single moment of you being near and frightened that you’ll leave, I hardly dare to breathe at times
and at times I breathe these silent rhymes that sometimes do not rhyme at all but often do.
scared that you would fall asleep and leave me to keep watch,
who shudder at the night and certain that I’d never be as good as what you think I’d be,take fright and hide in bright sunlight with open eyes behind closed doors and on the floor of a new day would try to wake you,hear you say,
‘I never fell asleep’

But I knew you’d never keep awake
you’ve never felt the breaking of another day as you slept the night away and remained in one piece,at peace with all and everything
but I have listened to the dawn sing and what worries do those early birds carry upon their wings as clawing through the noisy air they flitter,fratter everywhere,
do I really care?
I do not
I have enough set on my plate
I carry such a lonely weight and I must stay awake to see another night of history slide slowly into memory.
The weakest link is never what you think
that’s if you think about these things
I do
that’s all I do
but wishing it away
would not help me sleep like you
that would never do.

I must be true to my belief that sleep would bring me untold grief and so I stay awake and break into another day where night would only live to say
I’ll see you in
your dreams.


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