Post haste


In the aftermath,the acid bath.when we melted clean away and forgot about the day the world stood still.
I filled with talking out of tune
spat loudly at the moon who glared at me,
freed from all constraint of ‘you ain’t doing that’
I flattened out the globe
tugged upon an ear lobe and settled down to make a plan.

One man can make a mountain shake but one man can only take so much,a touch of madness in the air,
I see a different world out there,no one worries,no one cares,no one dares to make complaints
so much for being free of all constraints,we tie ourselves to anything and everything can tie us up.

I’ll take a cup of poison soon one more spit at the glaring moon,
should I tidy up my room?
Like hell I will,
while the world stands still the clock ticks on and very soon
I shall be gone
but these thought remain to stain my mind,
what are these things that bind me so?
I’d like to know, and know this well,
all roads do not lead off to Rome,most of them lead straight to hell where Hades waits,and sits atop the fiery gates with invitations in his hand.

I feel the band across my chest is wearing thin and letting in a bit of death,
I take a breath,talk once more,but again I’m out of tune
Life’s a boon were gifted with and to be present while we live is optimum,
though some would say it can’t be any other way.
I know differently and in the teeth within the cogs I see
the cuttings of my history
which isn’t much,
another touch of madness there.
One more breath of clean fresh air and it is done.
The sun has shone its final time
His will be mine not that I care
I’m no longer here or there.


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