I should have driven away
but tomorrows are just the same as today
so I stay.
I could only become what I am,
what I see is what I’ll be and what you want me to be is not what I am
but a man for all that
where the fat from the grist is dismissed as a fad.
I am glad I have grown and have changed on the trip, for to slip into old ways,go back to the bad days and chase dragons through walked ways where demons lay eggs
only begs me the question,
which to answer quite clearly is that
we’re all nearly scrambled,
as we ramble on tracks made by ill informed facts and if you’re in the know ,why then is it you go to the back of the pack
are you smoking some ‘crack’ is it a pipe that you lack?
let me look in the dustbin, we’ve been there before,let me pick up the droplets of rocks off the floor.
I talk this to myself as I go slowly insane,it’s something to do with drugs effects on the brain and it pains me to say
that tomorrows will be just the same as today
I just can’t get away nor can I escape from the greed of the grasping of the cold hands of fate.

So I wait for a break in the train of these thoughts that bedevil me,
wait ’til I see the whites of my eyes in the blue of my face as I engage once again in some riotous revelry,and in case that I think that I’m thinking to much and the thoughts that would touch me would rush to a clifftop
I stop.
Full stop.
Turn to look around at these things that confound me
astounded I am,
am I?
I am
I must be that man that would make me a liar as higher I go
up my nose goes the snow
and the warmth reappears.


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