When it slips away

when the banging in my head and the beating of my heart can only stand so much and stand apart
to stop and start another day as one night slowly slips away
and daylight sings as if you care
because there’s no one left
no one to care
no one to share that drift of waking, when taking oceans in my stride,if only you were by my side,
but this dreaming rides me fast
no shadows cast
no ripples on the stream
It seems as if the whole world’s dead and the banging goes on in my head
in my bed.
Stop and start and fall apart and stop and stop and will my heart please entertain this strain
wallow in the,
swallowing more pain.
Such a shame that night would end
would send me off to start,
more strain upon the muscles that would exercise this tired heart.
Part of me would like to cease this endless quest and find some peace and yet another part would like to stop and start and start
and fathomless is the beating heart.

I wonder where the time has gone
it’s gone to Babylon and on and on the heart still stops and starts
until I’ve had my fill and overflow
and I will go to Babylon to find
the peace.
A piece of me would wish to stay but only if there was no day
no one to say
it will get better as time goes on,
on second thoughts
I’ll go to Babylon.


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