we’ll skip on through the sky beyond the first and second star
and on to the very farthest star
where the forefathers of our fathers are.

Here they sit in contemplation watching burning suns expire and die
and I shall join these gentlemen to
discuss the statement of my affairs.

One ending ends and beginnings tend to start that way and one day is just as good as any other to smother thoughts of potency
all this and more I see
shown to me by these folks of my own ancestry.

‘Freedom’ is not being free,
when you’re free to chain yourself to ideas of self administered inadequacy
and more to be a slave which you again could save yourself, but only when you take the blinkers from your eyes.

Beyond the stars where planets rise and fall and rise to call me
where the saplings of young dreams grow wild
you will find the inner child of whom you have searched for
and something more,
the very core of who you are 
is there
beyond the farthest star.


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