Six shilling tricks

Do you remember that time when I pulled your hair and you cried to Auntie Sue?
I do.
Can you recall how amazingly tall Uncle Tom was?
because I can.
Then I turned into a man as if any boy can, and these thoughts that occur make me wish to be back there
amid the bluebells and corn in the fields of my home.
But we roam and the home becomes distant,though a piece is always kept in the back of my mind,along with comic books and her good looks and sometimes I forget how I shook like a leaf,when the first time was that time just beyond a belief.
No grief though as I go through these pictures that tell me and in images fell me
just smiles across the miles of the years that separate,
me and my fate
we’ve got another kind of date to arrange
a strange sort of meeting
straight talking,no cheating
I’ll be waiting at the gate
in that state of unreadiness
I’m famous for.


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