Zero + one

Everyone seems to have an agenda, the fortune teller,the peanut vendor,the money lender,letter sender,cigarette sellers and some funny fellas that they are.
Even countries have their say and cities like Kowloon,Bombay and continents,incontinent at least,would try to feast on the agenda,it’s enough to send me round the bend as these things I speak of would defend their right to ply the people with their shite.

My agenda’s on the wall,read it,bleed it,weep and fall apart,what is wrote is not worth a dart or the tending to a boardroom full of city farts,but it doesn’t cost you anything to take a look and bring your wisdom to the table,set down in blood or if you’re able write it with a pen and ink
but think on son
Don’t buy the bullets if you have no gun or walk before you learn to the writing on the wall it’s written there
and should you care to disregard, the penalties,severe and hard will come crashing down.

Make it simple
make it plain
erase mistakes and start again
We get it right
we get it wrong
but the long and short of it is
agendas as written are absolute shit
don’t take a bit of notice,be a man,formulate,reformulate,accumulate a sincere need to want to write what people want to read
and take no heed of me,
I am history,been and broke,spoken of in those hushed tones behind sad smiles on mobiles phones and nods of heads of nodding dogs like multitudes of whirring cogs
or one of many unseen gods,
All I say is,
‘sod the lot of them, let them spill out ink from wells and quills that slide across smooth vellum.
Hell’ll have ’em all
and sod my writing on the wall, I’ll knock it down and build a ramp,let the bastards trample over that into the pit’

That’s it,
I’ve said my bit,ain’t got no more,had enough
so stuff your hidden leanings and intended words that have no meaning to me
I am history.


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