Street traffic

Here comes another sob story,
‘can you spare a quid’
I’ve lost my job kind of story.

sure man 
let me give you what I can,
I am a working man and what the hell do I need money for,
let me pour it down the drain’s the same as giving it to you and do you think that I don’t need a drink,a fix,a smoke,some coke,oh let me give my hard earned cash so you can dash off to your dealer, and feel a little better for a time’

‘Sorry man
it’s not my plan to talk you out of hard earned cash,but if you could just splash out a quid or two
I’d be eternally grateful and beholden unto you,
life’s a cage and I am caged,I understand that you’re outraged by beggars begging on the streets,but
sometimes there’s more than what the eye meets
and once I was a big shot,one of those city boys,girls and toys galore,couldn’t put a foot or two feet wrong,it didn’t last for long
the crash came quick,couldn’t think it made me sick and then I lost the lot
haven’t got a pot to piss in
a home to sleep in
and there’s no corner where I didn’t weep in, so 
can you spare a quid or two
I could be you,you could be me


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