More from the warehouse

As Monday mourns the weekend’s passing
men are massing 
at the shipyards,steelyards,
good men ,hard men
waiting at the coal mines
I wonder were they better times.

Mass employment,enjoyment
a wage to take home Friday night
a beer or two
to set the world to rights, and a couple more
before the saloon bar door was closed.

Saturday and up on market street
set out to meet friends 
old and new.

The Matinee,
a treat for kids on Saturday and then some chips
and dad slips in to see the accountant
(turfing the lawn,I suppose,but who knows)

Then Mum and Dad dressed to the nines
aye, yes
much better times,
and down to the dance at half past eight where they’ll stand in a queue till a quarter to, and dance the night away.

A different time
a different day
when a workman worked for a workman’s pay.
It was a long time ago,
and not in Bethlehem.


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