You never saw the inequality, or the folly of chasing a rainbow,
while you were eating bread and cheese and lusting after mammon
the fat cats in their white maybachs
were chewing on lean gammon,topped with creme la more
and the more you chased, the less time they wasted on you,
how do you feel when you’ve been down at heel, and they’re wearing shoes by choo,skin cared for by la roche,
did you ever feel that posh?

Well it’s just a waste of feckin time,I’ll only ever get what’s mine by kicking down the built up shells wherein the rich man sits and dwells while counting out his ill got gains,
and me,poor me wrapped in the chains of misery and have not got,
I’d have all rich men shot,
but who would take their place
who’d be poor in my master race? not I
but then I’d die as well
I’d be locked inside the shell counting gelt
opening one more notch upon my belt,I’d be fat, a cat,another rich man, rat man, take what the man can
I can imagine it
drowning in shit and surrounded by money.

Ain’t life funny when you’ve got it all,you’ve got sod all and in some big hall,you hold small balls
and that ain’t a laughing matter.


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