The joy foundation

So this is what its come to, a barm cake and a bun or two, a poor man who can’t afford the ‘flu and sits in heavy coat and sweater to get a little heat,it gets better,
A candle burns under my bed,the blanket’s on but the electrics gone and its getting bloody cold,the candle light takes hold and flames appear,which is the only flaming light in here and the gas is going too,no porridge tomorrow unless I can borrow a couple of quid.

If only I could rid myself of poverty and be like those other folks I see who live in financial security,
and what’s the use it’ll never happen to me.
I’ll be poor of that I’m sure until the day I die and then I’ll be poor a little more when they put me six foot underfloor
but at least I’ll be warm with all my friends who congregate where this life ends and have a jar or two,sod the cold and sod the ‘flu and sod the bloody rich folk too.
I will pull through to the other side
I will find a star and hitch a ride or climb up the ladder and slide down a snake,either way the choices that I make are mine and mine alone and if I have no home,no candle light or mobile phone,you’ll find me in the park,in the dark
talking to myself.


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