As you like

This age of common purpose has no purpose in this age
all I see are people fighting and dear Mister William Shakespeare, no
the world is not a stage,more a gibbet where we hang our rage,we should hang our heads in shame,Call to our Gods and beg forgiveness
we know that won’t be happening soon we’ve all got used to the thought that doom is just another four letter (and I can do better than that kind of) word.

Call for peace,prepare a war what the hell are we fighting for?
Man is going down the pan and we’ll all be flushed away,today ,tomorrow,not yesterday ’cause that has been and gone and we’re still here carrying on as if the baby’s still snug and soaking in the bath,
that’s a laugh,I’ve news for you,we threw the baby out,it’s true ,
there’s nothing more now in reserve, we have got we deserve,become dependants in the digital age, full of anger,full of rage
won’t someone please refresh the page
or is this how you like it?


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