Stringing beans

The authorities can authorise as much as they please but they have no authority over me.
it’s the rule of austerity
It’s a dog eat dog and if you’re down on your luck,you might as well suck on it,they don’t give a shit and once you’ve feasted on failure it don’t hurt a bit,
and a pound in your purse is as much of a curse as no money at all,you want to buy this,you want to buy that but you ain’t got a bit of food in your flat.
‘Live off the fat of the land’,
like those buggers in Whitehall who sit on their hands and yet still have hands free, as they wave them around to try and authorise me.

And in those ivory towers the powers that be who think of roast beef and not about me,carry on, as if it’s all tickety boo,
but you know,it was never like that as you sit in your flat with no food,the TV shows a riot,you should think why not try it and you’re becoming unglued,
falling to bits and it’s them effing shits what’s to blame.


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