Probably a parable

They took me off the jam and sauce and put me on a slow down course,of course I couldn’t keep to it.
It took a bit of time for them to understand,but when they did
they put the lid on my malarkey,
dark how dark the day was then,when I had to join the ranks of men and write in pen my resignation letter to…but I knew better,went along sang their song and heaped on them a pile of praise,waiting for the days to come,when I could get some jam and sauce.
Of course again they saw through me and made me battle demons ,see 
I wasn’t brave 
I wasn’t strong
did the least to get along,
went with and not against the flow but how was I to know that life was short and I’d be caught between the rat and human trap.
Cap in hand and head held low, I just wanted them to know,that in the ranks this man gives thanks
and it’s a cup of tea for me.


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