Who could fail to see the shimmer light,that sort of dimmer light where morning, would ignite the sky and sleeping dreams would wake to fly off to some daylight roost?
A boost to energise,more fires that light the morning skies and my eyes would take this all,this fireball and write it down,later to recall when spirits sink,that moment of the link ,between the heavens, and what I have seen is pure gold.

Someone told me Angels live beyond the morning where the fires still smoulder,I believed it but the older I become,the more I realise that the sun itself is the Angel watching over me and the fires that shimmer to ignite, lie perpendicular to the darkness of my night.

It is fit and right that I don’t fully understand the workings of the inner hands of God,
for what a sod that I would be if I could see it all.


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