The education

The hands of time that have caressed her so gently 
stand silently on sentry duty
guarding her beauty.

How does she do it,get through it,I thought that I knew it all,
the mighty fall too as I fell for you,
you are the pillow upon which my heart lies
your eyes buy you time
and with your hand in mine
time stands still.

I measure you out in the ink that I spill and
you make this quill of mine shake,
and the words that I feared to write seem to come out alright when you’re near,
when you’re kissing my ear and stroking my hair.
Somewhere the Angels smile down on me as I smiled the day that you set me free, and you took me for who and for what I’d become,
are the sun that shines in my sky 
I don’t ask you how or why or when you decided to pick up this pen and call it your own
because in you I have found my home,
where I want to be
and all I can see
is the sentry on duty 
guarding your beauty
and you.



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