Saturday wired

Saturday wired.

It’s all a crock..
a body shock 
a kick in the nuts,
don’t forget the ‘if buts’
another load of tripe,
when you’re ripe for the knackers yard
and falling ain’t that hard when you’re already down,
for you,
who are out on the town and having a good time
let me remind you that tomorrow is mine
have a ball,go and get pissed,there’s nothing in that,
that I’ve never done and never missed
I could
write you a list of the wrong turnings you’ll take,
you’ll make them anyway,
you’ll go your own way
and we’ll meet at the end of it
buried up to our necks in a pile of horse shit.

it’s official,life is a gas,pass go and collect your money,don’t you know life is funny and if you don’t laugh you will die?
I tried and died twice,can’t remember the laughter as I flew through the walls of the great, hereinafter to be known as the great shithouse throne room.
And so soon,he said,
‘you’re leaving and leaving me grieving’
not really
because I don’t give a monkeys tit where I stand or sit or who rings the bells,
I’m already there where you’ll be one day
and hell is the price we all pay
for getting old and going grey and it’s getting a bit late in the day for me to care
or bother to share this
so piss off if you will
and let me sit 
deep in the shit.


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