Lost in transit

I wanted to do it,
she knew it,
I saw by the smile that she gave me,lord save me from sin,
but I just had to knock and she just let me in.
And she wanted to,too,
I knew.
it went on this way, through the night and next day,full of shame lest she blame me for taking advantage,
I gave her my number,she gave me her name,not what I expected,not quite the same as two ships that pass,in the nights when no questions are asked and the heat of the thrill is all that will keep us in answers until the day makes its way through the smouldering kisses and the lingering perfumes of untidy bedrooms.

with the battering ram of the be all I can,I can be so much more than the click of a latch on one more unknown door,one more fated conquest ,one more test of the man,is he all that he can be,is there more there to see, than the fumbling numbings of those sexual comings and goings.

With the stars in my eyes and her sighs on my mind I can find that perfection,a precise intersection where two lives are crossed and nothing is lost but the moments we waste.

How it was then and how it is now, is no longer a question to which there’s no answer,she answers me all ways and always she questions,she leans on my answers,I lean on her shoulder
and we get older.


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