As they liked it. (sorry Bill but you was asking for it)

You’d better run boys,the fires will come boys and burn you out,girls who would flaunt regulations to haunt you will burn along with you,the night’s turning blue and the fire’s burning black.
Jack who was Tom’s mate unaware of his own fate booked a passage to Paris with Maryss, his wife.
It was Hogarth who painted the whores and the tainted in the liberty of gardens,men hiding their hard ons,paragons of chastity and chasing the mollies to fondle their follies,how jolly it seemed to the Queen of the boardwalks who listened to wild talks and ate turkey and ham,
Shakespeare was saddened,Marlowe quite maddened by the fayre and the stew houses where blouses were shed and doxies were led like little lambs to the slaughter,and the daughters of Satan who were dressed in fine satin,sat in the background watching this fairground.
Then the curse of the cutpurse was cast all about them,men scurried away quickly to the ferries for Putney and Pepys wrote in his diary,

‘hahaha the fire didn’t get me’


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  1. ladylivvi1
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:49:04

    Hi J, Take a look at my slightly political “Strike a Light”. In support of our Fire Services strike x Livvi xx


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