Design fault

When you’re turning full circle and there’s no turning back and the world keeps on spinning but everything seems flat and the day stretches out like a big rubber band and it snaps back to slap you,
isn’t life grand.
When the moon fails to surrender to the onslaught of dawn and the night fires streamers when the revolution is born and the popcorn police with their stun guns stun one and all,it’s time to stand back and take stock,let the shock disappear,the new age is here.
Discrimination,recriminations in the lying lips and swaying hips of shipped out sailors,Saville Row tailors,tinkers with their blinkers set and bankers who can’t get there yet but I’m sure that with a will they will sit with politicians feeding us pigswill,tosh and hogwash orders for the day,
the new age is here hip hip hurray.

Sometimes when I want to die I look around at all the wonderful things there are and wonder why,
It’s somewhat of a mystery to me,perhaps some rerun of a distant history once lived and never given back
and I’m turning a three sixty in the never ending but it will end,the spinning will stop,the world will cease to turn and in turn I will turn to face
the architect.


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