Bats in the belltower


From window in out to the night in spite of all my protestation
the creep of darkness comes with elation,touching points of utter glee slithers here to wrap and smother me within the depths of that black sea from which there may be some respite but only in the window out again into the night.
I do so worry that one day the sway of tides will ride away,forgetful of me and in this way,
I,abandoned on some distant shore across some farther sea that I could ever be would languish,waste and regretfully never see my window out in to the night,although this might not be such a bad idea,this looking out from in has always worn my nerves a little thin and I being quite ragged around the end would,like a diamond in the rough that classifies as something really rather tough would send a message in a coca cola can ( I have a soft spot for coke as once I was that kind of man)
and who would catch this tin,look in and read my note? which reads,
‘I am trapped again I’m wrapped against the light,if you the reader reads this note please organise a rescue boat,you’ll find me on the other side across the farther sea where night roams free and ogres ogle quite awfully,
I beg you please come carefully,ps bring sandwiches and lemonade,this is a hungry place to wait for rescuers and one more ps bring a plate it’s also very sandy’

And it was quite handy to find a coca cola can where I believe that I’m the only man,like Crusoe,
I am rudely awoken by the notion that some others have come across this ocean and now I start to search once more,through the non existent door and in the outward window glass,
I pass my day.

The Vicar will only say,’on your knees boy,learn to pray’
he doesn’t get out much but anyway he does believe in


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