Under the family banner
talking about my nana
who was not fat,
I would say more rounded than that and
a Victorian lass
pince nez on her nose and a tin of snuff,a pinch of
which went.. but that enough..
Did I say,she was not fat?
she was grounded in the roots of
cotton mills and rolling hills
and hobnailed clogs and miners boots,she’s now long gone but fair play to her, she lived a good few years after reaching ninety one,I guess it was the Mackeson that helped her to live so very long.

Grandad,dad of my dad fought in the great war which brought him bugger all except a medal from the military for being outstanding in the fields of bravery,he battled Passchendaele each and every day until like all good men and soldiers he faded,faded slowly,slowly,slowly and marched quite vaguely somewhere far away.

My dad was a great dad a wait and then we’ll see dad,a make your Sunday tea dad,but you never see the greatness when you’re stood upon its shoulder,that only happens if you’re lucky when you get a little older and I’m older now,able to look back and see how this family handed down to me,that look back into history…..


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