Breakwater point

The giants know it is not the journey they make but
the first step on the long road
that they take to immortality which puts them
on the pages of history under the microscopic lens
of humanity.

The giants may slip and trip over giants who have fallen before but
some rise with their eyes set on the keys of infinity,unlocking the lighthouse to light up the pathways for us all to be

We break the mould and shoulder responsibility,it’s not easy to be
a giant,simpler to be a small man,tall men are targets for the sniper scope,the aim of dreams which lead the refugees that hope for new technologies to ease their burdens.
The giants are among us,the humble ones,ones that tumble,crumble,crumple and yet unravel mystery,unlock misery
to free the sad and the sick,pick a person any person and that person could be the giant,
it’s not really how tall you stand but how you understand and where the first step is and who gives you the helping hand,
we all have within us the grasp of the genius
we are all


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