Fading in


It is only the ghosts that hide in towers and
flap the sails,
through these railings
I still see
the ghost of who
I used to be.

In these towers in the town where everything is coloured damp,
lamps are lit and light flits nervously,
I still see
the ghost of who
I used to be.

The towers,
phallic symbols of a modern age where teenagers came of age,in an age where every turn they make,makes them rant and rage against authority and
I still see the ghost of who
I used to be.

No ghost escapes
just waits for their
slurping up the anger,hurt,becoming stronger in
the long term memory and
I can see what has
become of me.


More from the warehouse

As Monday mourns the weekend’s passing
men are massing 
at the shipyards,steelyards,
good men ,hard men
waiting at the coal mines
I wonder were they better times.

Mass employment,enjoyment
a wage to take home Friday night
a beer or two
to set the world to rights, and a couple more
before the saloon bar door was closed.

Saturday and up on market street
set out to meet friends 
old and new.

The Matinee,
a treat for kids on Saturday and then some chips
and dad slips in to see the accountant
(turfing the lawn,I suppose,but who knows)

Then Mum and Dad dressed to the nines
aye, yes
much better times,
and down to the dance at half past eight where they’ll stand in a queue till a quarter to, and dance the night away.

A different time
a different day
when a workman worked for a workman’s pay.
It was a long time ago,
and not in Bethlehem.

Cheese straws

In 35ml the day flashes past 
I wonder how long the film will last
the camera shutter melts like butter in her hands and trickles down like golden sands beneath my toes.
I strike a pose beneath the morning light
the lens opens wide
and takes one more bite
one more sight to see
in one more picture I could be
an album of colour photographs
silent looks 
silent laughs
pictures fit from yesterday.
The camera shuts upon today and I release my grip,
slip into another frame,
one picture’s just the same as any other image you could mount
on top of countless

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