Language that I understand

The decaying and the dead where the wafer thin tread carefully
fearful that they too will be
upon this rotting heap,
I’ll be the sacrifice
lay me ‘cross the altar stones
and chisel these bones away.

it’s easy when you’re ready
when you steady yourself and take what comes,
it’s when the guns of both sides rest and bullets do what they do best,enough to test the patience of a lesser man,
that I prepare to go out there and take the fall
and fuck you all. 

When I die
there’ll be no ‘spirit in the sky’ and Norman Greenbaum told us all a lie,we die,we rot,compost,we do not fly off to paradise,there is nothing nice in death,the fetid breath of that which walks and stalks us in our darkest hours,what powers it has to overcome the advent of the morning sun,
fuck that too,it might take you it won’t take me.I will go there willingly
and take that ride to eternity or infinity and what comes first? they’re both so far away
but a question for another day,today 
I’ll parlay with the dead
unpick the slender threads of
and go on.


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